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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Ok, so you have been asking for this for ages, and it’s finally here. My not-at-all groundbreaking hospital bag list. I’m going to talk through a few bits on my stories as well today & will save them to my highlights. You can check it out here @drlauragp

Even though I’m doing this for a third time, and only had Indie 2 years ago, I still feel as if I’m forgetting loads. I asked my friend Aisling, who is a midwife in GUH to help me though so have added some bits on her recommendation. Thank you so much to Aisling for the help.

Remember as well that I’m a c-section mum, so I usually just pack one bag and that’s it. I’ll try and cover what others suggest for a labour bag, but this isn’t my forte. I’ve also tried to take into account coronavirus obviously, and the fact that most of us will be in the post natal ward alone. Numbers wise of everything I’m planning on being in for 3 nights post section. So I’m going to plan around that.

Even though husbands / partners won’t be allowed into the post-natal ward they will be allowed to drop stuff off at the door (certainly at my local hospital). For this reason, I’m going to have another bag filled with extra stuff at home just in case I run out of anything etc. Anyone else's husband / partner useless at finding stuff?

I was very kindly gifted a full set of hospital bags from the amazing Siobhan at Ulluv - click here to see what’s included and honestly I’ve had to add very little to it.

She has loads of different bags available and they can come packed or not. Or you can buy all the different pieces separately. Its great to be able to support a local Irish business at this time so be sure to check her out. Takes a LOT of the hassle out of this work.

Items for Mum

  • Front opening nightdress (1 per day so I will bring 3) that you can do skin to skin in and feed in - check out mine on my instagram stories @drlauragp. This one from Dunnes looks like a great option too, and affordable.

  • Dressing gown

  • Slippers

  • Granny knickers (I show you mine from Penny’s on my stories but these are similar from Dunnes). These are great post section as they rise up above scar. I will usually bring 1 pack of 5 in black and maybe some extra just in case

  • You can also buy disposable knickers instead - these ones were recommended by Aisling if you like the idea

  • Going home outfit - comfortable, breastfeeding friendly. Remember you are still going to look pregnant so don’t go for anything too tight!

Breastfeeding essentials

  • 2 x nursing bras - I’m bringing these from H&M.

  • Nursing pads - I swear by the Lansinoh ones (they were gifted but I have used them on both other girls - I would have a lot of milk & I find they absorb really well)

In case of any issues when breastfeeding I always bring these few things with me. Thankfully I have never had to use them, but each baby is different so I bring them in my hospital bag just in case. I’m adding a couple of extra things down the bottom that you might want to consider bringing. Usually husbands would pop out and get these, but that might not be possible, so if you want to pack for all eventualities then this would be it.

* I have never used the last 2 items but they come highly recommended.


  • Maternity pads - the big green ones have come highly recommended by you lovely lot & are included in the Ulluv pack x 1 pack

  • I’m also bringing some smaller Boots brand ones for when the bleeding isn’t as bad - these are the ones I have used previously x 1 pack

  • Bathroom essentials (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)

  • Hair ties (big scrunchy ones are best for me!)

  • All your favourite skincare items - you will be all alone in post natal ward so a good time to treat yourself

  • Facial spray is nice in labour ward & post delivery to help cool down - I like this one from Avene

  • Nail file & hand cream are essentials for me, especially with all the hand washing.

  • Hand sanitiser for beside your bed in the current situation

  • Bath towel & hand towel ( I like to have my own)

Items for Baby

  • Nappies x 1 pack (24 nappies)

  • Water wipes x 2 packs (you can never have enough of these to be honest!)

  • Cellular blankets x 3 (they also get pee or vomit on them)

  • Muslin cloths - I’ve brought 5 including one extra big one

  • First outfit (in separate bag to bring to theatre or labour ward with babygro, vest, hat)

  • 5 other baby outfits - in separate bags with vest etc all included (easier for midwives to find them)

  • Baby towel

  • Baby’s going home outfit

  • Toy or teddy - present from siblings, if it isn’t your first


  • Holder for phone / handsfree set / tripod (this is what I have so I’m bringing this) for when you want to make lots of phone calls on postnatal ward, will allow you to hold baby

  • Extra long phone charging cable (or extension lead) especially post section as you might not be able to get out of bed

  • Wireless headphones

  • Kindle / book for reading

  • Snacks - with no visitors, I’m definitely going to be bringing extra snacks (not sure what yet!) and lots of coke zero.

  • Earplugs for communal wards (it can get noisy at night time and even during the day!)

  • Eye-mask if you like to sleep in dark

  • Some people like to bring their own pillow or pillow case. I’ve never done this, as I always find the hospital ones perfect to be honest.

  • Laundry bag to bring home all the dirty clothes (or you can turn your labour ward bag into laundry bag if you have one)

  • We will have a present for the girls from baby as well

Labour ward bag

  • Night dress / dressing gown / slippers for labouring

  • Bath towel (dark coloured!)

  • Big green sanitary pads

  • Disposable underwear

  • Nursing bra

  • Front opening night dress for skin to skin / breastfeeding friendly for after labour

  • Water spray

  • Massage oil

  • Lip balm

  • Wash bag / face cloth

  • Drinks & snacks

  • Baby’s first outfit - babygro, vest, cardigan, hat

  • Cellular blanket

  • Nappies

  • Device to hold phone / book / bluetooth headset etc

Extra bag at home - I don’t know about you guys, but my husband is TERRIBLE at finding things, so I think this will be the easiest thing for me, to have everything I *might* need ready.

  • More nappies

  • Extra pack water wipes

  • Muslin clothes

  • Cellular blanket

  • Babygros & vests

  • Extra PJ for mum (breastfeeding friendly)

  • Extra knickers

Have you your hospital bag packed yet? I'd love to know what you have in it. Is there anything here you had forgotten? Let me know over on my instagram page @drlauragp

*This blog post contains affiliate links to my amazon store*

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