#12DaysOfDrLaura - Day 6 Treat your neck as an extension of your face

OK. So its day 6. At this stage you should understand your skin type, have a skincare routine in place and picked out the most important actives for your skin needs.

But, there is no point having a glowing face and an old saggy neck! This may surprise you but our collagen production begins to decline at the age of 25! And not just the collagen in our face but also our neck. Have you heard the term ‘tech neck’??? I hadn’t until recently. Basically the 45 degree angle that we hang our head at to look at our phones all day is going to lead to premature folds and wrinkles!

So, what does this mean for us?? It means we need to use all our skincare routine down to our décolletage. This needs to be implemented into your skincare routine. Every morning and night we need to use all our products, cleansers, serums, retinol, EVERYTHING from our forehead to our chest. You don’t need any special products - just use your own facial products (unless you have specific concerns such as acne etc. And lest not forget the most important product - your SPF as the neck tends to suffer with ageing, pigmentation etc more than anywhere else.

It also means we should be trying to keep our head up when looking at our phone - hold it at eye level, to try and stave off the dreaded tech neck.

Do you already treat your neck as well? I was at a clinic recently and the derm nurse that was visiting told me my face was looking great but my neck was ageing me! I hadn’t even noticed to be honest, but she was right. It was crepey and aged and it was in contrast to my glowing skin further up! Ive since then started but its not easy when you are already rushed!

Coming up over the next few days on #12DaysOfDrLaura including acne, rosacea and pregnancy skin tips and we are going to be looking at some skincare extras and of course a couple of giveaways thrown in.

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